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A+ Aquatics is the new home of A+ Pool & Spa Service. New name, same people, same care, just expanded services to better serve you, our treasured customers!  Website under construction, may change frequently!

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​PO Box 1724 Lake Havasu City, AZ 86405

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A+ Aquatics has many more services available. Just ask, we'll see what we can do!


We can provide many more services than we can list here. Saltwater mixed to your parameters. Specialty, all natural foods in bulk, or pre-measured for no guesswork feeding. Plus much, much more!

​​Let us keep your pool or spa pristine year round with personal, quality, professional care. 

Pool looking a little green? Can't make that stubborn "brown stuff" go away? Water look like an oil slick and smell like sunblock? We can fix it! We'll get it clean, and keep it clean!

Fish deserve a clean, healthy environment too! Here at A+ Aquatics, we make sure of it.

That's why we provide loving care backed my many years or experience. Fresh or saltwater, planted or reef, we will give your aquatic friends a happy home!

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Ponds, saltwater, food...


setup & care 


Pool & spa care