Saltwater Aquarium Service Adds*
  • Test salinity, calcium, iodine magnesium, and phosphates
  • Macro/micro nutrient dosing
  • Target feed fish and/or corals
  • Exchange filter "socks" 
  • Remove "salt creep" from tank and equipment​
  • Clean protein skimmer collection cup

We are Lake Havasu City's premier source of professional, quality, and affordable aquatic services.  Experienced pool service coupled with years of devotion to the aquarium hobby, has uniquely positioned us to accomodate all of your aquatic needs.

Aquarium Service Includes*

  • Test pH, alkalinity, ammonia, nitrite, and nitrates
  • Water change and/or gravel vacuum
  • Remove algae from glass, rocks and decorations
  • Clean outside glass​​​
  • Check condition of all livestock and equipment.
  • Clean aquarium filters
  • Replace filter media            
  • Restock food

​​Aquarium Care

Available Aquarium Services

  • Commercial and residential Aquarium Care Plans
  • Fish and coral quarantine.  Protect your tank from imported parasites, always quarantine! 
  • Tank moving, across town or just across the house
  • Fish and coral concierge service (If you can't find it, maybe we can)​
  • ​​​Saltwater Care Plans
  • ​Freshwater​ Care Plans
  • One-on-one consultation in design, acquisition, and startup for new systems
  • High quality foods, made from all natural ingredients with no fillers**
  • ​Saltwater made to match your desired parameters, delivered to your door**​