We are Lake Havasu City's premier source of professional, quality, and affordable aquatic services.  Experienced pool service coupled with years of devotion to the aquarium hobby, has uniquely positioned us to accomodate all of your aquatic needs

​​​​​Residential Pool & Spa Care

Your pool is a valuable and treasured asset for you and your family.  Why not ensure that it's protected with one of our Pool & Spa Care Plans*

Pool & Spa Care Includes*

  • ​Test for sanitizer, pH, alkalinity, conditioner, and hardness
  • Free chlorine, salt, or bromine
  • Free muriatic acid or soda ash
  • ​Thorough brushing of all pool surfaces​​
  • Skimming of any large debris
  • Vacuuming any accumulated dust/debris
  • Backwash filter  ​                         

*Not all services need to be performed each visit, or are not included with certain Pool & Spa Care Plans.

Examples; Pool filter backwash, adding acid or soda ash

Available Pool & Spa Services

  • Weekly, monthly, & vacation
  • Emergency care and most repairs
  • Cartridge, D.E., & sand filter cleaning
  • Acid wash
  • Drain & refill​
  • Biological oil (sunblock, body) reduction
  • New pool startup
  • Vacation & seasonal
  • Green pool rescue
  • Mustard algae treatment
  • Stain treatment
  • Phosphate reduction
  • Vacuum repair